Service for realtime

Scaledrone is a realtime messaging service and platform.
Send live updates, create chatrooms and collaborative tools.

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Free for up to 20 concurrent users and 100,000 daily events

Hey! Check out the live demo. Paste the snippet into your Terminal to push a message here ๐Ÿ‘‡
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
   -X POST \
   -d 'Hello from Scaledrone' \
Copy and paste this into Terminal

Send realtime messages to your customers

Send messages to Scaledrone, and
we will deliver them to your customers
Not only can users receive data, but if allowed, they can
also push data to other users

Simple API

Get started in minutes
Use one of our official API clients or roll your own using our REST API, itโ€™s super simple.
var drone = new ScaleDrone('CHANNEL_ID');
drone.on('open', function() {
 var room = drone.subscribe('notification');
 room.on('data', function(data) {
   console.log('Received data:', data);
   room: 'notification',
   message: {foo: 'bar'}
});var ScaleDrone = require('scaledrone-node-push');
var sd = new ScaleDrone({
 channelId: 'channel_id',
 secretKey: 'secret_key'
sd.publish('notifications', {foo: 'bar'});import ""
func main() {
	client := scaledrone.NewBasicAuthClient("channel_id", "secret_key")
	_ = client.Publish([]byte("Hello Go"), "notifications")
}require 'scaledrone'
sd ={
 channel_id: 'channel_id',
 secret_key: 'secret_key'
sd.publish({foo: 'bar'}, 'notifications')from scaledrone import ScaleDrone
sd = ScaleDrone('channel_id', 'secret_key')
sd.publish('notifications', {'foo': 'bar'})$auth = array(
 'channel_id' => 'channel_id',
 'secret_key' => 'secret_key'
$sd = new ScaleDrone\Client($auth);
$message = ['foo' => 'bar'];
$sd->publish('notifications', $message);curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
   -X POST \
   -d '{"message": "Hello from ScaleDrone"}' \
Not just Websockets
Scaledrone uses WebSockets when possible and falls back to technologies such as XHR streaming, JSONP polling and XHR polling when needed. Scaledrone unifies all transport technologies into a simple to use API so you can get started in minutes.
Built in security
All plans, including the free one are SSL encrypted. Use the Authentication API to define detailed access permissions for each user.
Check our Authentication API
A solution that grows to your needs
It is difficult for self hosted solutions compete with features and they stop working when you grow. We have put a lof of effort into developing the infrastructure to handle millions of connections so you can focus on what's important.
Half the cost of competing solutions
Start with the free plan and subscribe to a monthly subscription plan as you grow. Scaledrone is much more affordable than the competing solutions.
See the pricing page
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Free for up to 20 concurrent users and 100,000 daily events