Node.js REST API Quick Start


Using npm:

npm install scaledrone-node-push --save

Using Yarn:

yarn add scaledrone-node-push


Create a new instance of Scaledrone passing it the channelId and secretKey that you can find from your channel's page from Scaledrone's dashboard.

const Scaledrone = require('scaledrone-node-push');
const sd = new Scaledrone({
  channelId: 'CHANNEL_ID',
  secretKey: 'SECRET_KEY'

Sending messages

Rooms are used to isolate different message types. To listen to messages, you need to subscribe to a specific room.
Users can freely connect to multiple rooms (this does not create extra connections).

const message = {foo: 'bar'};
const room = 'notifications';
sd.publish(room, message, function(error) {
  // check for errors