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*µWebSockets™ (it's "[micro](") is simple, secure*[[1]](fuzzing) *& standards compliant*[[2]]( *web I/O for the most demanding*[[3]](benchmarks) *of applications.* • [Read more](misc/ • [Read about uSockets]( • [See uWebSockets.js]( *© 2016-2019, >39,632,272 downloads*

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    /* There are tons of SSL options */
    .cert_file_name = "cert.pem",
    .key_file_name = "key.pem"

}).get("/hello", [](auto *res, auto *req) {

    /* You can efficiently stream huge files too */
    res->writeHeader("Content-Type", "text/html; charset=utf-8")->end("Hello HTTP!");

}).ws<UserData>("/*", {

    /* Just a few of the available handlers */
    .open = [](auto *ws, auto *req) {
        ws->subscribe("buzzword weekly");
    .message = [](auto *ws, std::string_view message, uWS::OpCode opCode) {
        ws->send(message, opCode);

}).listen(9001, [](auto *token) {

    if (token) {
        std::cout << "Listening on port " << 9001 << std::endl;


Don't miss the user manual, the C++ examples or the JavaScript examples. JavaScript examples are very applicable to C++ developers, so go through them as well.

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