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Realtime web comms for Clojure/Script

Sente is a small client+server library that makes it easy to build realtime web applications with Clojure + ClojureScript.

Loosely inspired by Socket.IO, it uses core.async, WebSockets, and Ajax under the hood to provide a simple high-level API that enables reliable, high-performance, bidirectional communications.

Sen-te (先手) is a Japanese Go term used to describe a play with such an overwhelming follow-up that it demands an immediate response, leaving its player with the initiative.

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  1. Wiki - community docs (👈 start here)
  2. Release info - releases and changes
  3. API docs - auto-generated API docs
  4. GitHub issues - for support requests, contributions, etc.


Funding this work

Please see here if you'd like to help support my continued open-source work (thank you!! 🙏) - Peter


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