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PHP WebSockets

A WebSockets server written in PHP.

This project provides the functionality of an RFC-6455 (or Version 13) WebSockets server. It can be used as a stand-alone server, or as the back-end of a normal HTTP server that is WebSockets aware.

In order to use PHP WebSockets, you must have the ability to arbitrarilly execute scripts, which almost always means having shell access to your server, at a minimum. It is strongly encouraged that you have the ability to configure your machine's HTTP server. It is strongly discouraged to allow arbitrary execution of scripts from a web interface, as this is a major security hole.

To use:

Do not place the files in your web server's document root -- they are not intended to be ran through a web browser or otherwise directly accessible to the world. They are intended to be ran through PHP's Command Line Interface (CLI).

The main class, WebSocketServer, is intended to be inherited by your class, and the methods connected, closed, and process should be overridden. In fact, they are abstract, so they must be overridden.

Future plans include allowing child processes forked from the controlling daemon to support broadcasts and to relay data from one socket in a child process to another socket in a separate child proccess.

Browser Support

Broswer Name Earliest Version

Google Chrome 16

Mozilla Firefox 11

Internet Explorer 10

Safari 6

Opera 12.10

Android Browser 4.4

Note: Current browser support is available at under the RFC-6455 row.

For Support

Right now, the only support available is in the Github Issues ( ). Once I reach my $250/mo Patreon reward level, I'll be able to maintain support forums for non-core code issues. If you'd like to support the project, and bring these forums closer to reality, you can do so at .