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Bloatless PHP WebSockets

Simple WebSocket server and client implemented in PHP.


This application is an extremely simple implementation of the WebSocket Protocol in PHP. It includes a server as well as a client. This implementation is optimal to get started with WebSockets and learn something. As soon as you want to create a full featured websocket based application you might want to switch to more sophisticated solution.


Clone or download the repository to your server.


Hint: You can use version 1.0 if you're still on PHP5.


This will start a websocket server. (By default on localhost:8000)

Server example

This will create a websocket server listening on port 8000.

There a two applications registred to the server. The demo application will be available at ws://localhost:8000/demo and the status application will be available at ws://localhost:8000/status.

// Require neccessary files here...

$server = new \Bloatless\WebSocket\Server('', 8000);

// Server settings:

// Add your applications here:
$server->registerApplication('status', \Bloatless\WebSocket\Application\StatusApplication::getInstance());
$server->registerApplication('demo', \Bloatless\WebSocket\Application\DemoApplication::getInstance());


Client example

This creates a WebSocket cliente, connects to a server and sends a message to the server:

$client = new \Bloatless\WebSocket\Client;
$client->connect('', 8000, '/demo', 'foo.lh');
    'action' => 'echo',
    'data' => 'Hello Wolrd!'

Browser example

The repository contains two demo-pages to call in your browser. You can find them in the public folder. The index.html is a simple application which you can use to send messages to the server.

The status.html will display various server information.